Don’t Hate Me Because I Live Here

Don’t Hate Me Because I Live Here

By SkiMum Paula

While visiting friends and neighbors in Texas, I realized that I had to watch what I say.  Oh, I didn’t risk offending anyone; I risked ticking them off!

When I announced I was moving to Utah a couple years ago, my pals gave me a sympathetic glance while quieting asking, “Is there any chance it will fall through?”  While I believed with all my heart that they said this because they would really, really miss me; I was left with the distinct impression that some just couldn’t imagine choosing to leave the South with its ever-present humidity, hurricanes and mosquitoes for … Utah.

Silver Creek

Steve Schafer Photography

So, when I came back with stories of skiing while the kids are at school and hiking the mountain outside my door and enjoying world-class mountain biking nearby and rappelling for date night (yes, it was a Groupon) and stargazing at Sundance, their expressions changed and they immediately proclaimed, “But you still can’t get a drink there!”

Because I love my friends, I just smiled and nodded and decided to talk about soccer instead.