This is our playground


It’s time to ski! Starting January 6th, Intermediate-Advanced women skiers will head to Snowbird on Wednesdays at 9:30am. For the first time this season, however, we’ll start with the super-popular FOUR FREE GROUP LESSONS by Susi and The Mountain School.  Then, in February, we’ll just meet and ski. No agenda. We ski until we have to leave. For some, that’s 10:30am, others it’s 3:30pm.  If the weather is crummy (winds 20+mph or sketchy viz), then we pass. It’s just not fun to ski in those conditions, and WE LIVE HERE.  There is no scheduled end date.  Last season, we just took off our ski boots and put on our hiking boots and played throughout the summer.

As mentioned, The Mountain School will start off the season with FOUR FREE* GROUP LESSONS for Skimums.  These have been very popular (sometimes, too popular).  The Mountain School doesn’t mind, but it wants to have enough instructors there.  So, we’re going to ask Mums to RSVP EACH WEEK through Evite.  (*Suggested gratuity of $10-20 per lesson)
IF YOU ARE A SNOWBOARDER, please leave a comment on your RSVP.  If there are enough BoardMums (we need a better name), we’ll ask very nicely whether The Mountain School can get an instructor.
IF YOU ARE A BEGINNER, The Mountain School REALLY wants you to get on the slopes and has terrific and affordable LEARNER’S PERMIT 
IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU WANT OR AREN’T SURE HOW TO START, contact Susi Muecke at The Mountain School, our incredible Instructor, Sherpa and Friend to see what you need to reach whatever goals you have.
Happy Holidays, Skimums!  See you on the slopes.

1 thought on “This is our playground

  1. Can’t wait to see you ladies at Snowbird. Snow is great and January is perfect to get the ski legs going and work a little on technique! Hopefully we got some powder days to play!!

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