Mountain Therapy

The kids are at school for the next 6 hours.

Hmmm, I could sneak in a few runs. 

But …

[Insert all of the reasons why I shouldn’t go – too much to do (for other people), women can’t play hooky, gotta fold laundry]

I’ll just ski with the kids this weekend.


Everyone from the CDC to your crazy aunt has preached that staying fit, keeping social, getting outside and making yourself happy are the keys to general health.  So, skiing with other women on Wednesday mornings at Snowbird may be a better idea than folding laundry.  Welcome to SkiMums!


Let you in on a secret — You live in the one metropolitan city in America where you can drop off the kids at school at 8:30am and be on the lifts by 9, hence, the Skimums motto, “drop the kids. hit the lifts.”

Let you in on another secret – SkiMums will make you richer and more beautiful.  LOL Well, skiing means you are not shopping, and skiing at Hidden Peak (alt. 11,000 feet) is guaranteed to give you a healthy glow.  Plus, the Vitamin D infusion from south-facing Mineral Basin will make you downright giddy.  Anecdotally, SkiMums hubbies seem to think this is a great activity.  We’re not reading anything into that, but we must come home in a really good mood.

One more – You ski better with other gals than with your hubby or kids.  Can’t explain it.  There are also zero meltdowns.

SkiMums is a free meetup group on Wednesday mornings at Snowbird for intermediate to advanced women skiers at Snowbird who want to ski this great mountain and laugh out loud.  It was founded by some local moms who called Snowbird and said, “We’re having fun and think other gals will, too.  Oh, and could we have some hot chocolate?”  Find fellow SkiMums on Wednesdays at 9:30am (Jan-Mar) somewhere near the Gadzoom lift (we tend to stray when unleashed).  If the winds are high (20+ mph) or the visibility looks like chowder (check the ski cams), then we’ll pass.  There’s no reason to be miserable or get hurt.  Remember, we live here.

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