Baker, Stronger, Faster!

By Skimum Paula

I’m not a jock. I hate running, I’ve had gym memberships go stale, and a yogi once trampled me, but that’s another story. This wouldn’t be a problem except that I like to eat, drink and ski powder. So, in order not to resemble a snowball both on and off the slopes this winter, I decided to do something.

I baked chocolate chip cookies.

They were delicious, although I needed to try three just to make sure. Then, I took pictures and posted them on Instgram where I came face to screen with a six-pack of abs. OMG! They belonged to the mom of a kid in my daughter’s class. A real mom! Who’s had real babies! Who I see in the carpool line!

Oh, fudge!

I hit “Like” and sent the mom, Melissa Newell, a personal trainer with a personality and a Skimum, an email saying, “I’m tired of looking at your abs and then looking at mine! Help!”

As a working mom, Melissa appreciates that finding time to exercise is HARD and that making time is even HARDER. I can always find a reason not to exercise, e.g., work, volunteer project, kid activity, household “stuff”. If I’m being honest though, it is part of the “not granting myself permission to do for me” barrier that every woman I know faces constantly. With Melissa literally showing up at my door, handing me weights and counting down reps, I cannot put up that barrier. With her gabbing with me while doing another freaking set of sit-ups, I cannot quit, get bored, swear or think about my to-do list. Ok, I still swear a little bit during sit-ups. The barrier is gone though, I’m having fun and I’m seeing results – both inside and outside.

One month later…

I have lost 3 inches (and gained a half-inch in my bust, which amused Hubby greatly). More importantly for me, I have gained strength and endurance, which will definitely help me on the slopes. My shoulders, arms, and legs now have little bumps here and there. That’s pretty cool! I’ve doubled the number of pushups and sit-ups I’m able to do as well as the amount of time I can plank. I can plank!! I can crank out 20 minutes on my “classic” NordicTrack skier, a fantastic piece of machinery I picked up online, while chatting away. Do I have six-pack abs? Oh, goodness, no, but I’m no longer afraid to look. Best of all, I feel stronger than I have in a long, long time. I’m ready to tackle powder, moguls, teenagers, whatever comes my way, and maybe a few more cookies.

For more on one of Melissa’s pre-season Skimum workouts, read The Fast & Furious Workout.

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