We Aim To Please

By SkiMum Paula

What’s the difference between a snowboarder and a mutual fund?

One matures and eventually makes money.

Jared, one of our favorite Snowbird “lifties,” keeps the lines going and the jokes flowing.  Saying hi to skiers (by name if your season pass is showing), cracking jokes, and giving inside tips are all part of the job.  So, don’t hesitate to ask a liftie or a mountain host or the cashier at the gear shop, who probably just came in from a “run break” (What a job!) which runs to hit that day.  It’s their job to know and they love to share that with you.

And do they know this mountain…

If you’re one of those gals who skis the same runs every single week, then it’s probably time for a little change. Ask any of the Snowbird staff where to go.  These birds don’t bite!  Better yet, tell them the runs you like, and ask for similar ones.  Best of all, join one of the Bird’s guided tours and explore more of the mountain.  The Tours are free and meet every morning on the Plaza.  Another leaves Creekside for a Ranger-led tour in the afternoon.  Also free.  Of course, you can always come ski and explore with the Skimums!!  Shameless plug, I know.

What do you call a snowboarder who lost his girlfriend?


The other reason to chat with the Bird’s Staff (other than the jokes) is that Snowbird is one of the few mountains that has multiple microclimates.  It could be sunny and warm in Mineral Basin and cloudy and cold on Chip’s Run.  It could be windy and crusty on Regulator Johnson and perfectly quiet and powdery on Thunder Alley (which – hint, hint — might be the most under-appreciated run on the entire mountain, especially after a monster dump).  So, take a moment and ask Jared or Basil or Emily or any of the fabulous Snowbird cast of characters anything about this great resort.  You may just learn an insider’s tip or a Chuck Norris joke.

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