Seriously, I Need A Tool For Buckling My Ski Boots?



2015 SKIMUMS GEAR REVIEW SERIES                

 by Skimum Richelle

*** See an updated product review and comparison at: Ski Boot Buckle Lever Comparison 2017 ***

It’s kind of sad when one of the toughest things about skiing is putting on your boots.  We can engineer a rover to land and drive on Mars but, somehow, ski boot manufacturers can’t design a boot that is easy to get on and off.  For years I strained and bruised my hands and fingers trying to buckle my boots nice and tight.

One day, while browsing the ads in the back of a skiing magazine, I came across a small ad for a plastic lever tool, promising to make buckling your ski boots a breeze.  It is called Ski Tool, sold by Ski Tool Company LLC.   I was a bit skeptical, but the price was right.  I ordered it from the company’s website and it showed up about a week later.

 Ski Tool™ Multipurpose Boot Buckler and Carrier

Ski Tool™ Multipurpose Boot Buckler and Carrier

Does it work?
Yes!  It really does make buckling those last couple notches MUCH easier.  No more bruised hands!  Yay!  It also is great for kids to help them buckle up all by themselves.  I do, however, occasionally have trouble with my older Dalbello boots buckles.  The tool will sometimes get caught in the buckle once it locks down.  Not the end of the world, but can be a bit frustrating.  It works great on all of our other boot buckles, however!

 Ski Tool™ Multipurpose Boot Buckler and Carrier

How durable is it?
My biggest concern when I purchased this tool was that, because it is made of plastic, it would break after a few uses.  Well, I’ve been using it now for 2 ½ years and it is holding up great.  I put some serious torque on this tool and it has the scratches and dents to prove it.  Even after all the abuse I have put it through, it has never failed on me.  Well worth the $10 spent.  In my opinion, the Ski Tool is a must for every boot bag!  If anything, I could use a couple more so we don’t have to pass it around so much when we are all putting on our boots at the same time.  Skimum Approved!

The Ski Tool can be purchased direct from the company’s website for $7.49 plus $2.95 for S&H.  Also look for it at your local ski shop.


Unfortunately, my SkiTool lever tool broke last year.  I have since found other boot tools  and have an updated product review and comparison at: Ski Boot Buckle Lever Comparison 2017  – Skimum Richelle


5 thoughts on “Seriously, I Need A Tool For Buckling My Ski Boots?

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  2. Oh no! My Ski Tool broke the other day as I was putting my boots on! I’m totally bummed! I may see if I can fix it. Why don’t they make it out of metal??? I would easily pay a couple extra dollars for one that won’t break.

    • Update: I was able to repair my broken Ski Tool with some gaffers tape (similar to duct tape). Lots of layers! It’s not pretty, but it seems to be holding up pretty well. I used it through the end of last season. We’ll see how long it lasts.

  3. If you need a tool to crank the tension on then there must be something wrong with the boot fit. They should be firm to hold the foot back but not so tight to add excessive pressyre to the top of the foot. Excess pressure will caust pressure on the cuneiform pone and the peroneal nerve sending you foot to sleep. All other buckles are for support and should not be “over” tight

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