Where Are My Pants!

By Skimum Paula

Is there anything worse than getting to the mountain and realizing that your ski pants are still hanging in your closet?  No, as I discovered on a recent powder day at the Bird.  Most Skimums know that keeping your family members’ ski gear in individual bags is a great way to stay organized, but over the season, things go in, things go out, things get washed, things get lost… You know the drill.

So, after ending up pantless on a powder day, I decided to get organized and crafty designing the Skimums SkiTag, a simple laminated list attached to each family member’s ski bag to check off before heading out the door.  Feel free to download.  I’d hate to see you pantless on Peruvian.


2 thoughts on “Where Are My Pants!

  1. This is excellent and I will put them on every bag. But for the record, I had your back (or pants). I brought an extra pair for you to wear. I will always have your “pants” in my bag! 😘

  2. I’m laughing because my husband did this last week and wore his sweatpants all day! I’ve done worse, forgetting key to the roof box on a powder day! Thanks for the reminder!

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