You Are Invited to Lunch at Seven Summits

By Skimum Paula

I slipped off my boots and into warm fuzzy slippers.

Snowbird 7 Seven SummitsNo, I wasn’t back at home after a long day skiing.  I was still at Snowbird at the entrance of the mysterious Seven Summits Club, the exclusive enclave for the area’s corporate and skiing elite.  Annual memberships to Seven Summits start in the 5-figures, but its dining room is open to the public for a buffet lunch on Fridays-Sundays from 11am-2pm.  I think this might be the best-kept secret on the mountain. And I’m sharing it with you.

Snowbird 7 Seven Summits Hot Cider

I would’ve been happy with just the fuzzy slippers, but then my Hubby and I were escorted past the stylish leather sofas and chairs to a table with real linens and silver.  A nearby patron took one look and exclaimed, “This is so civilized!”  Water glasses were filled, drink orders were taken.  At the suggestion of our server, Hubby and I both opted for the hot cider, which arrived with a cinnamon stick and spices on the side.  A great start.

Next, we headed to the buffet, a well-executed assortment of soups, salads, breads, cheeses, salamis, sushi, hot entrees, sides and a roasted beef tenderloin sliced to order by the chef.   I’ll leave the food reviews to others more qualified, but everything we tried (and we tried and tried) was very good to delicious.  To finish, we sampled various sweets from the dessert tray including, a fabulous chocolate mousse (not too rich), a coconut dream bar (one of my favorites), and a piece of the self-proclaimed “best peanut brittle in the world.”  I couldn’t argue that statement.  Yummy!

Snowbird 7 Seven Summits Buffet     Snowbird 7 Seven Summits Peanut Brittle

We ate.  We relaxed.  We talked.  All the ingredients to a great meal.  Compared to other buffets, this was a relative bargain.  Adults are $30, children (7-12) are $17, and children 6 and under eat free.  Yes, the fuzzy slippers are complimentary and come in all sizes.

Snowbird 7 Seven SummitsSeven Summits is located underneath the bridge adjacent to the Plaza.  To get there from the Plaza, take the stairs between the Tram and the Ticket Office down to level 2.  Then, take a hard left.  Go through the outside doors, and turn left again.  It’s at the end of the walkway where you can warm up, relax and pamper those toes.

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