Follow The Sun!


As you put your car in park you glance up at the outside temperature gauge on your instrument panel. 9 degrees…Brrrrrrrr!  For a brief moment you have visions of your nice warm bed, a cup of hot chai, and a few recorded episodes of Scandal waiting for you back at home. 

But the snow looks so good…it’s sunny…I can do this!

Mineral Basin - Snowbird, Utah

On cold mornings like this, trail choice can make all the difference at the Bird. If it is a sunny morning, my suggestion is to get to over the mountain into Mineral Basin as soon as you can.

Here in Utah, the winter sun hangs low in the southern sky for much of the season. Many of the north-facing slopes don’t get any direct sun until late morning. That can mean cold and icy conditions. Stay in the sun of Mineral Basin until the rest of the mountain warms up a bit. 

What lifts do I take?
The tram is the fastest way to sun and fun. From Gad Valley (Entry 1 parking), take Gadzoom and then switch to Little Cloud to get to the ridge line.  Peruvian Express with a quick trip through the tunnel will also get you to warmer slopes.

See you on the sunny side!

Click here to Download Snowbird trail maps.

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