By Skimum Paula


Nice thought, huh?  Looking out the window, the snow-capped mountains are calling.  World-class ski resorts are only minutes away.  The laundry can wait!  Every year, people in Texas, California and New York spend months of planning and thousands of dollars to bring their families for a few precious days to the winter playground in our own backyard.  Yes, Utahns are spoiled, but do we really take advantage of it? Do we give ourselves permission to enjoy this natural wonder, this beautiful terrain and this incredibly fun activity? 

Work, housework, volunteer work.  Women, especially moms, can come up with any number of things they have to do (usually for others) but, if we’re being honest, we seldom make time for ourselves.  Skimums at Snowbird is designed to do just that.  Last season, several Salt Lake moms contacted the Bird describing how they ski there together weekly and wondering whether they could get some free hot chocolate.  After successfully becoming a destination ski and summer resort, the good folks at Snowbird (who also live here) realized that this was a pretty interesting group of gals made up of parents, professionals, natives, and transplants.  It was a group they wanted to know, understand and cater to better.  Skimums was born.

Skimums is a free weekly meetup group at Snowbird for intermediate/advanced women skiers (lift ticket not included).  Beginning this season on Wednesday, December 4th at 9:30am at the Gadzoom lift, Skimums provides women the opportunity to meet and ski and laugh out loud at the Bird with other gals.  Stay for a few hours or all day.  There is no schedule or agenda.  Like the best endeavors, they collectively decide and go.  It is just a lot more fun to ski with others, and skiing with other women is (admit it, admit it) more enjoyable than snowplowing with cold, whiny kids or getting that ever-so-helpful advice from a spouse.  To paraphrase filmmaker Warren Miller, the family that skis together, spends half the time yelling at each other!

And guess what, Skimums seem to come home in a really good mood.  No one can explain it – exercise, camaraderie, lack of oxygen, lack of teen angst, who knows!  They just do, and their families noticed.  Hubbies started encouraging their wives to go, another spontaneously bought his wife new skis for Valentine’s Day, and one son made his mom promise to ski with the ‘Mums while he was away on his mission.  True stories!  Come to find out, families were ok with a few unfolded tees and mismatched socks.  There are some pretty funny stories on the Skimums.com blog about these and other random ski items  The bottom line is that when women give a little to themselves, they’re able to give more to others.

If you haven’t skied since parabolic skis were introduced, then don’t despair.  It’s actually a lot easier (and warmer) with the newer gear, and Snowbird is working on a “Returner’s Permit” to get these gals back on the slopes.  In conjunction with SkiUtah’s Learn to Ski program (for first-time skiers) in January, these programs offer incredible deals on lift tickets, equipment and lessons.  Snowbird is also providing Skimums a series of four group lessons starting the end of January – for free.  These were hugely popular last year and got the gals seeking out powder the rest of the season.  Watch the blog for details.  So, break out those oh-so-flattering ski pants and plan to see your friends (the ones dashing out of the carpool line) on the slopes!


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