Start Saving Now

By SkiMum Denice

Today is the kind of day that made me grateful I had a season pass. I just finished a great couple of hours skiing with my friends (Skimums). It was one of those days that my list was a mile long of things I had to do, but I didn’t want to miss the fresh powder at Snowbird. The best compromise possible was to ski a couple hours then come home refreshed and ready to conquer my list.

The amazing thing was that everything got done!

A couple of years ago I would have missed out on that powder and being with friends on the slopes. When you don’t have a season pass it is hard to justify a couple hours of skiing for the price of a day pass. No matter how hard you tell yourself when you buy the discount day passes at the beginning of the season that it doesn’t matter how long you ski each day, you still can’t bring yourself to only using it for a couple of hours. And to be honest how many times can us moms take a full day off for skiing, especially during the week. There are kids to pick up, laundry to fold, errands to run, and floods to clean up. The list can go on forever. So at the end of the season you are left with day passes not used and not skiing that much.

Last year my husband and I bit the bullet and decided to invest in ski passes. I won’t lie; it was hard to fork out that money, but so worth it in the end. We skied more than we ever had. Our friends call to take a couple runs in the morning before work, no problem! We could do it guilt free. So this year there was no debate on what we were going to do. I have already skied at least 15 times this year and only 2 full days.

So if you want to ski more and have some great family and friend time start saving for next season. I figure that if you start saving now it would be about $30 a week (double that if you want your husband to get one too). In my opinion it is probably the best $30 spent.

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